Sequence Diagram Activation Box

Wojciech BraƄski branski at
Mon Mar 20 12:37:47 UTC 2017

Hi All!

I am very enthusiastic about work you've made with umbrello !

I see that Umbrello project is pretty mature so I wonder why there is a
lack (or I don't know
how to achieve it)  of some options.
For now I see  that I can't add a simple activation box to the live line in
a sequence diagram. The only way to get an activation box is to use
synchronous message, but I cant add the box for asynchronous message.
I also see that I can do that on the object itself as well.
What's more there is no a nice representation for nested activation box
which should be a little shifted in relation to an activation box it
derived from.

Could You  refer to doubts stated above?

Best Regards
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