[Uml-user] My Toolbar is eaten by the File/Edit/Diagram-toolbar

Martin Okrslar okrslar at molgen.mpg.de
Wed Feb 12 07:41:02 UTC 2003

Dear Umbrello users and devels,

with your help, my Umbrello installation works fine now, except that my 
toolbar (icons are visible and usable) is eaten by the 
File/Edit/Diagram-toolbar (I see only the lower half of it).

To be more specific, the toolbar that used to be on the right is between 
the File/Edit/Diagram-toolbar and the other Umbrello-toolbar with New 
Diagram-icon and so on. The icons are usable but not very well visible, 
so again:

Any ideas?

all the best

Martin Okrslar                                          
Grad. Student Algorithmics, Dept. Comp. Mol. Bio        okrslar at molgen.mpg.de
Max Planck Inst. for Molecular Genetics                 phone: +49-30-8413-1166
Ihnestrasse 73, 14195 Berlin, Germany                   fax:   +49-30-8413-1152

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