[Uml-user] Interface Element

dichotomy dichotomy at greenmail.ch
Sat Feb 1 14:14:08 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,

First off, great thanks to the developers of Umbrella if any are reading 
this, cause so far it's the only Open Source UML Diagram editor I've 
seen that is actually worth its salt. Everyone seems to be crazy about 
Dia, but I really don't see why, and ArgoUML seemed slow and ugly and 
unwieldy. Umbrella is nice, neat, clear and logically laid out. I like 
it so far.

Anyway, my question pertains to one feature which I can't seem to find 
in Umbrella, and which seems pretty crucial to me, but maybe I'm missing 

The question is: Where is the "interface" element in the Class diagrams? 
I can create classes, make them abstract, etc, but where are the 
interfaces? I am in the Java mode of edition, and I can't find one of 
the corest features of Java OO design :-P

Thanks for any help.

If education is too expensive, try ignorance.

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