[umbrello] [Bug 368453] Java import fails to import enum

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Sun Jan 12 12:48:18 GMT 2020


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--- Comment #4 from Oliver Kellogg <okellogg at users.sourceforge.net> ---
Observation for narrowing down the problem:

After importing the two files, the treeview shows

 <Class> main
 <Package> Test
     > <Class> Enum (empty)
     > <Class> Test
          > <Enumeration> Enum

That looks wrong.

If I rename main.java to Umain.java and redo the import, the treeview shows:

 <Class> Test
   > <Enumeration> Enum
 <Class> Umain

That looks right.

In the in the first case, main.java is imported before Test.java
but in the second case, Test.java is imported after Umain.java.

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