[umbrello] [Bug 415989] Dosnt Open/Delete class Diagram element

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Wed Jan 8 09:20:44 GMT 2020


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Comment on attachment 124964
  --> https://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=124964
_ClassDiagram_UI is a class diagram in the SahraCore/UI folder. it doesn't open
or delete.

The appended xmi file is somehow corrupted. It contains one class diagram named
'class diagram': 

<diagram showopsig="1" linecolor="#ff0000" snapx="25" showattribassocs="1"
snapy="25" linewidth="0" showattsig="1" textcolor="#000000" isopen="1"
showpackage="1" showpubliconly="0" showstereotype="1" name="class diagram"
font="Sans Serif,10,-1,0,50,0,0,0,0,0" canvasheight="0" canvaswidth="0"
localid="-1" snapcsgrid="0" showgrid="0" showops="1" griddotcolor="#f6f6f6"
backgroundcolor="#bdbdbd" usefillcolor="1" fillcolor="#ffffc0" zoom="100"
xmi.id="uwbRU2dwxj3QB" documentation="" showscope="1" snapgrid="0" showatts="1"

which is referenced later in the section for the tree view

<listitem open="0" type="807" id="uwbRU2dwxj3QB" label="class diagram"/>

a few line below there is also the class diagram you are missing:

<listitem open="0" type="807" id="ucJia8aOVztKv" label="_ClassDiagram_UI"/>

but there is no related <diagram> tag in the file.

I suggest to open the xmi file in an editor, remove the mentioned line, save
the file, load it with umbrello and recreate the diagram _ClassDiagram_UI.

If you can give some information how to reproduce this issue, it would be
possible to fix this isssue inside the umbrello source code.

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