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How to reproduce:
1. start umbrello
2. add a class to a class diagram
3. Press Shift F1 or click on menu entry help->What's this
4. select the class

What happens:
In step 3. the cursor shows a red circle, that's all

What is expected:
After selecting the class, a popup should appear describing the selected

The displayed content of the UML elements is an extension of the Docbook
documentation. (The hint for ui elements e.g. buttons are specified in ui files
or code if no ui file is present)

The display can be retrieved similar to the support for the welcome page
implemented in UMLAppPrivate::readWelcomeFile(). This method (and needed) would
have to be moved to a special helper class used by UMLAppPrivate to display the
Welcome Page and the new what' this support.

Since this implementation is translation related, it must be in the Umbrello
git master branch until March 2020 to have it in the next release.

By the way: This function could also be activated after a delay by moving the
mouse over a widget without selecting it.

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