[umbrello] [Bug 81364] Import Rose model files

Oliver Kellogg bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Dec 13 07:53:52 GMT 2020


--- Comment #31 from Oliver Kellogg <okellogg at users.sourceforge.net> ---
Git commit 1a9d32832d2217e57ed3db03eb4217105d1650d5 by Oliver Kellogg.
Committed on 13/12/2020 at 07:52.
Pushed by okellogg into branch 'master'.

import_rose.cpp : Align active programming language with model content

- Global `progLang' of type Uml::ProgrammingLanguage::Enum captures
  programming language specified by Rose model.
- In function readAttributes loop of stream.readLine(), if nt is
  PetalNode::nt_string and stringOrNodeOpener is not "(" then test name
  for "language".  If equal then derive progLang from value.string.
- In function loadFromMDL, after parsing the model file,
  - if progLang hash not been established by the model and no code
    generator hash been allocated at UMLApp then allocate generator
    for C++ as default;
  - else if progLang is not the same as the active generator at UMLApp
    then call UMLApp::app()->setGenerator(progLang).

M  +29   -0    umbrello/import_rose.cpp


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