[umbrello] [Bug 403808] Realization of ball-and-socket notation for simple ports like in UML 2 structured classifiers specification

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> Umbrello need to implement one more connection type - Required Connection.
Just some notes:

1. In UML (and umbrello) such connections are named associations (see

2. The socket symbol has been introduced by UML to indicate a required
interface (www.agilemodeling.com/artifacts/componentDiagram.htm)

3. The current implementation of umbrello uses an UMLAssociation type
'association' connected to the interface for "providing" that interface. 

4. in umbrello the interface get a socket symbol by adding an additional
dependency or generalization.

The question is how to add this new association type.

Currently the following solutions come to my mind:

1. Take the orientation of the association as flag for showing the ball
(provide) or socket (required). Adding the association from component to
interface, means provide and from interface to component specifies require. The
added association then needs a property to switch the direction  (relative easy
to implement)

2. Add support for a <<required>> stereotype to specify a required interface

3. Another option would be to use a different association type (much more
implementation work)

4. Reuse one of the available association type for supporting sockets.

I think it is required to check first if there are any UML2 related
specifications to get an indication, which of the mentioned solution would be
the best.

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