[umbrello] [Bug 403808] Realization of ball-and-socket notation for simple ports like in UML 2 structured classifiers specification

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Sat Aug 3 18:28:16 BST 2019


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You do not need to add a reply as attachment. Instead you can simply reply to a
message and cut out the uninteresting texts. ;-)

> I think the best way is

>> "4. Reuse one of the available association type for supporting sockets"
I agree 

> Dependence association is the best candidat for this.

This only is true for UML1 diagrams, not for UML2 where dependencies are an
independent association type (see 

What remains is one or both of the following options added to (what I can see
yet) normal associations.

>> 1. Take the orientation of the association as flag for showing the ball
>> (provide) or socket (required). Adding the association from component to
>> interface, means provide and from interface to component specifies
>> require. 
>> 2. Add support for a <<required>> stereotype to specify a required
>> interface

>> I think it is required to check first if there are any UML2 related
>> specifications to get an indication, which of the mentioned solution would
>> be the best.
The above mentioned example do not show any stereotypes on the "required"
association, which let me think that option 1. would be the best.

To get an impression, it would be interesting to see how other UML tools do

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