[umbrello] [Bug 388370] Make parser code usable from Umbrello (or other projects)

Sven Brauch bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Jan 2 15:08:28 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from Sven Brauch <mail at svenbrauch.de> ---
Hm, we were not aware of Umbrello using KDevPlatform at the time where we
decided to merge the two repos. We were under the impression that nobody was
using it at all. Effectively, this means you depend on KDevelop now instead of
KDevPlatform, which I can see how it is a bit unfortunate (but not the end of
the world).

What you suggest makes sense, but the thing is that this requires the kdev-php
maintainer(s) to make some kind of API/ABI guarantee of the exported functions,
unless you want it to potentially randomly break every three weeks. They need
to be asked whether they can/want to do this ...

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