[umbrello] [Bug 382421] Native windows build system required

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Fri Sep 29 22:33:51 UTC 2017


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(In reply to Ralf Habacker from comment #2)
> (In reply to Luigi Toscano from comment #1)
> > Please note that this is not really a bug of the product; this is more a
> > task that can be captured on Phabricator.
> With the drawback that you cannot have a complete overview in term of kind
> of project management because bugs and features are also a kind of task. I
> read somewhere that bugs/features will stay in bugs.kde.org and unfortunally
> phabricator tasks could not link or depends on bugs.kde.org tickets.

IMHO I think that the project tracking can be done on phabricator even now (not
different than what people using Trello for example do). Yes, bugs are going to
be "normal" links for now, but still. Of course feel free to raise this need to
the sysadmin team (in the Phabricator workboard).

> > Moreover KDE infrastructure
> > provide build.kde.org
> which is a remote only build system and makes it hard or nearly impossible
> to fix hidden build issues where jenkins does not provide enough
> informations to see the root cause of the issue. Because of this I switched
> to SUSE obs for building KDE Windows packages, which provides a local build
> client named osc.

Does OBS build remotely, so you get the logs from osc? In this case, which
additional logs are available there which are missing from build.kde.org? If
our sysadmin knew about them, they could collect more data.

> >  and a (work in progress, but working) server for building binary artifacts (installer included).
> Does it provide a local build client and support for building autotools
> based packages, which are required for example for building kmymoney ?

I guess that autotools are required for KMyMoney dependencies (which is out of
scope for this bug). It's based on craft, so I guess that the answer is yes
(craft being the tool to build locally, and support for autotools-based builds:
https://cgit.kde.org/craft-blueprints-kde.git/tree/autotools ).

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