[umbrello] [Bug 382421] Native windows build system required

Ralf Habacker bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Oct 1 14:52:03 UTC 2017


--- Comment #5 from Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de> ---
(In reply to Luigi Toscano from comment #3)
> > > Moreover KDE infrastructure
> > > provide build.kde.org
> > which is a remote only build system and makes it hard or nearly impossible
> > to fix hidden build issues where jenkins does not provide enough
> > informations to see the root cause of the issue. Because of this I switched
> > to SUSE obs for building KDE Windows packages, which provides a local build
> > client named osc.
> Does OBS build remotely, so you get the logs from osc? In this case, which
> additional logs are available there which are missing from build.kde.org? If
> our sysadmin knew about them, they could collect more data.

For example in case of cmake configure errors on obs I add --trace to the spec
file through the web frontend at
and let it rebuild, then I get detailed configure logs. Or if there are hidden
build issues (missing dependencies of not included object files or not
generating required files I add VERBOSE=1 (for cmake level) and/or V=1 (for
make level) to the spec file and get it on the next build. 

Is this possible with build.kde.org ? 

There are cases where all that does not help to find the hidden issue, for
example compile errors.
I can locally check out the related obs project on a linux system and rebuild
it locally, can inspect all generated files by using the obs command line
client osc. I proofed that this has been required several times. Does jenkins
provide this also with a negligible effort ?

> > >  and a (work in progress, but working) server for building binary artifacts (installer included).

do not work for umbrello, see

If that will be fixed, there is still the issue how to deal with for example
compile errors which sometimes are *very* hard to find. How can you find the
root bug cause without having access to *all* build related files because you
do not know in which file the root causse may be. With craft you need a native
windows build system to rebuild all dependencies locally to get this. This is a
very time and hd space consuming job. 

I do not have a big local windows build machine (requires at least quad core
and several 100 GB hd space) for performing the builds which is required to
build msvc builds using the KDE infrastructure and there are no accessable
windows build machines for KDE users so it looks to be impossible to go that

With obs you can rebuild a package locally simply by checking out the related
project from obs and running  "osc build <repository>" which fetches binary
packages for all related dependencies out of the box and build the package
(which requires about 1.5 G hd space)

Would that possible ?

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