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Mon Sep 12 07:57:27 UTC 2016

Am 11.09.2016 um 17:29 schrieb Shawn McKenney:
> Hello all -
> I have just installed KDE neon and would like to join the development
> community. I am trying to build umbrello master:
> ^
> /home/mckenney/kde/umbrello-build/umbrello/../../umbrello/umbrello/models/objectsmodel.h:20:1:error:
> redefinition of ‘struct QMetaTypeId<UMLObject*>’
> /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtCore/qmetatype.h:1596:8:error:
> previous definition of ‘struct QMetaTypeId<UMLObject*>’
> struct QMetaTypeId : public QMetaTypeIdQObject<T>
Thanks for pointing this out. The issue has been fixed in git master
with commit
>        ^
> I am definitely a rookie at building any KDE software, but I have a
> bit of Qt anda lot of C++ background. If you would like some help, I'd
> be more than happy to jump in.
Nice to hear you like to contribute to umbrello :-)

> Just point me in the right direction.
Not sure if you have knowledge or interest on working with ast parsers:
If so there is a outstanding request to extend c++ import with c++11
support at Parser testcases
has been added recently

Quick importing files could be performed with umbrello in two ways:
1. Using gui on linux
1.1 start umbrello from command line
1.2 open debug window if not already open (right click on the right side
of the menu 'help' entry)
1.3 enable 'cppparser'
1.4 right click entry "Logical view" in the tree view and select "import
umbrello should print several c++ import related debug messages on stderr

2. Using command line
2.1 run umbrello with command line parameter --import-files  e.g.
umbrello --import-files
2. 2 c++ parser related debug messages are disabled by default. To
increase c++ parser debug level by default you may rename all
occurrences of DEBUG_REGISTER_DISABLED in umbrello source subdir
lib/cppparser/ with DEBUG_REGISTER and recompile.


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