[umbrello-devel] Help with backtrace

Oliver Kellogg oliver.kellogg at t-online.de
Fri Jul 29 18:52:24 UTC 2016

Hi Lays,
In private part of umldoc.h there is
    UMLFolder *m_root[Uml::ModelType::N_MODELTYPES];
E.g. the global root folder of the Logical View is
You can access the global root folders using
    UMLFolder *UMLDoc::rootFolder(Uml::ModelType::Enum mt)
For a usage example, see umldoc.cpp ca. line 690:
if (filetype.endsWith(QLatin1String(".mdl"))) {
    m_bTypesAreResolved = false;
    status = Import_Rose::loadFromMDL(file);
    if (status) {
        if (UMLApp::app()->currentView() == 0) {
            QString name = createDiagramName(Uml::DiagramType::Class, 
Uml::DiagramType::Class, name);
Your backtrace shows
7.  #2  0x000000000049a11c in UMLDoc::createDiagram (this=0xf349d0, 
           type=Uml::DiagramType::Object, name=..., id="-1")
The question is, why is folder=0x0 here.
I thought it should be UMLDoc::rootFolder(Uml::ModelType::Logical)
Perhaps you need to implement something to tell UMLDoc that Object Diagrams 
shall be located in the Logical View, I'm not sure.
Try looking at how other diagram types do it.
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I'm needing some help with the followin backtrace:
https://paste.kde.org/pwws8yt1s <https://paste.kde.org/pwws8yt1s>
I discovered that the erro happens on the folder->name(), logicaly the 
folder of this diagram isn't set. But I wasn't able to find where I set 
this. Any tips?


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