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Fri Jan 29 23:04:53 UTC 2016


--- Comment #14 from Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de> ---
(In reply to Ken Standard from comment #12)
> OK, maybe we are having a language barrier - not sure.
> When talking about "project import" for a Qt project, you cannot ignore the
> .pro file - it is the project. Are we redefining "project" to mean only the
> .h,.hpp,/h++, etc. and the .cpp implementations in the "project"?
> Or are we accepting the "project" definition as is common to Qt and defined
> by the .pro file.
Okay I'm on track:  this bug is a feature request and  should have be  named 
more like 'umbrello should support importing a complete Qt project' by pointing
umbrello to the .pro file, which should then be read in and parsed to get a
list header and source file to be imported.

> Besides all that. When the actions described are performed and the entire
> project is imported correctly.
> It serves no purpose for me to post a bug if I have not performed every
> options to resolve the problem BEFORE submitting the bug. That should be
> obvious from comment 8. My point is that I should not have to do half of
> that. The project files should alreays be displayed according to the filter
> pattern, instead it must be modified first, then they are displayed. 
I see, the term 'Import project' may be somehow irritating, it should be
renamed to 'import from directory' or similar.

> Secondly, folders are included in the selection process but that does not
> select the files underneath that match the selection pattern - not
> intuitive. Do one or the other but not both.
looks like that the import wizard is broken and need to be fixed.

> Even when all the files in a folder are selected, the import to a class
> diagram is not always 100%. Sometimes files are not converted. I gave the
> example of a .cpp file where a "//" comment was detected as an error. 
But you did not provide a dedicated test case, so it's impossible to fix :-(

> syntax is completely valid C++ comment style and should not error. When
> coverted to a "C" style comment (/* */) there is no error. This is not
> proper - both are correct.
To be able to see what umbrello supports and what not I added some c++ import
comment  testcases, see comment 13. 
If your problem is not covered please give an real world example. 
> I submitted the bug because your procedure in comment 11 does not work -
> especially if headers and implementation files are in separate folders or if
> there are multiple sub-projects.
Because umbrello currently do not support importing a .pro file directly, there
are at least two workarounds available:
1.  Use  'Code'->Import Project several time for each related directory. 
2.  umbrello supports a command line option --import-files <files> to which you
can give a list of files to import
    The list may be generated from a command line tool parsing the .pro file.

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