[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 358655] Umbrello does not import private class

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Fri Jan 29 14:19:57 UTC 2016


--- Comment #12 from Ken Standard <ad5xj at arrl.net> ---
OK, maybe we are having a language barrier - not sure.

When talking about "project import" for a Qt project, you cannot ignore the
.pro file - it is the project. Are we redefining "project" to mean only the
.h,.hpp,/h++, etc. and the .cpp implementations in the "project"?

Or are we accepting the "project" definition as is common to Qt and defined by
the .pro file.

Besides all that. When the actions described are performed and the entire
project is imported correctly.

It serves no purpose for me to post a bug if I have not performed every options
to resolve the problem BEFORE submitting the bug. That should be obvious from
comment 8. My point is that I should not have to do half of that. The project
files should alreays be displayed according to the filter pattern, instead it
must be modified first, then they are displayed. 

Secondly, folders are included in the selection process but that does not
select the files underneath that match the selection pattern - not intuitive.
Do one or the other but not both.

Even when all the files in a folder are selected, the import to a class diagram
is not always 100%. Sometimes files are not converted. I gave the example of a
.cpp file where a "//" comment was detected as an error. This syntax is
completely valid C++ comment style and should not error. When coverted to a "C"
style comment (/* */) there is no error. This is not proper - both are correct.

I submitted the bug because your procedure in comment 11 does not work -
especially if headers and implementation files are in separate folders or if
there are multiple sub-projects.

I don't want to get too far afield here but my original bug is still valid and
I think I have proven it.

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