[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 338649] Extend C++ import for C++11

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Tue Jan 19 00:43:28 UTC 2016


--- Comment #10 from Patric Schmitz <bzk0711 at aol.com> ---
>> If this is a basic limitation to using clang, is this really the way the project should go? 
>> Maybe it is possible to separate only the parser parts without the whole semantics and error checking from clang? 
> I don' know yet; it need to be evaluated

It seems that clang itself has no means of parsing incomplete code fragments
and will fail to produce a syntax tree at all if not all types and symbols can
be resolved. This is at least what I get out of this post from Clang
> http://clang-developers.42468.n3.nabble.com/Lenient-lexing-parsing-of-code-snippets-td4042786.html

There is a GSoC 2014 project mentioned where someone has a similar requirement
(for syntax highlighting). Maybe we could look into that, it seems a fuzzy
parser has been developed for that project. However I assume we would end up
with something comparable to what KDevelop has right now, and could probably
also extend the current parser to account for 11/14.

>> An alternative could be using some parser generator...
> ...

> The third alternative is to extend the recent parser, which is not very
> complicated. It has good debugging support (see category 'cppparser' in debug
> dock window) . [1]

Probably the most reasonable way to go about it after all?

> Beside the parser stuff there is the need to design how these features should
> be mapped to the UML model. 
> As an example there is the question how 'constexpr'
> (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%2B%2B11#constexpr_.E2.80.93_Generalized_constant_expressions)
> should be modeled ?

Hmm in the case of constexpr I don't see why one would want to model this at
all. It is a very specific C++ language feature after all and does not really
have an equivalent in the UML standard, no? (I don't know either perfectly so
I'm not entirely sure about this).

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