[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 338649] Extend C++ import for C++11

Patric Schmitz via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Jan 18 16:43:28 UTC 2016


--- Comment #8 from Patric Schmitz <bzk0711 at aol.com> ---
On 01/03/2016 01:01 AM, Ralf Habacker via KDE Bugzilla wrote:
> ...clang, which needs to be called similar to a compiler
> building the related source code

I actually see this as a major problem. Requiring people to have a full build
set up would severely limed the usefulness of the tool. I might not even have
complete sourcetree available, but just get a bunch of related cpp files from
"somewhere" (a collaborator, some old project which no longer builds, ...) and
want to import the classes into umbrello.

If this is a basic limitation to using clang, is this really the way the
project should go? Maybe it is possible to separate only the parser parts
without the whole semantics and error checking from clang? I have no idea about
clang internals I must say.

An alternative could be using some parser generator such as antlr or bison to
get a syntax tree? I looked around (for maybe half an hour) some weeks ago but
it seemed there is nothing yet which would properly parse c++11/14 syntax..

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