[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 56184] Support loading of foreign XMI file formats

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XMI 2.1 demo file generated using Enterprise Architect 12

Yet another demo file from EA, this time generated using Export to XMI 2.1.
After the export I applied following cleanups:
1. Removed "&#13;" on each line ending (I was using EA under Wine/Linux,
perhaps this has to do with the problem).
2. Added a first line
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   for basic XML validity.
3. Edited line 19:
<upperValue xmi:type="uml:LiteralUnlimitedNatural"
xmi:id="EAID_LI000002_23CB_47d4_AD84_16941CB7BFD9" value="1"/>
  (removed 2nd xmi:type because xmllint reported invalid XML).

Some observations:
1. On loading this file, Umbrello complains:
UMLDoc::encoding: Expecting XMI.header at  "xmi:Documentation".
2. At Class2 the member c1data has Java type "long", this is not recognized by
Umbrello (see XMI: <type xmi:idref="EAJava_long"/>).
3. At c1data there is a stereotype <<key>> applied; this does not appear in

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