[umbrello-devel] umbrello 4.13.3 crash import class

Ralf Habacker ralf at habacker.de
Thu Jan 22 09:37:53 UTC 2015

Am 22.01.2015 um 06:03 schrieb Philippe Couas:
> Hi,
> My umbrello 4.13.3 crash on ubuntu 14.04 when i import an single java
> class ?
> How could i resol this problem ?
1. Try a newer version, the bug may be already fixed. At
https://umbrello.kde.org/developers.php you can find all fixes and
changes for released branches.
2. If the bug has been fixed in an unreleased version you may compile
umbrello from git repository if possible
3. file a bug. In the crash case umbrello normally shows the crash
report dialog, with which you can open a new bug report.


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