[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 331215] Documentation not saved with object widgets

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Mon Oct 27 09:04:45 UTC 2014


Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de> changed:

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                   |ello/864832c0d310197c8b0cc8 |ello/a802474df0a660e4cf6bfd
                   |c941fdefec27d923e7          |d360b6bb8a692b89ba

--- Comment #4 from Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de> ---
Git commit a802474df0a660e4cf6bfdd360b6bb8a692b89ba by Ralf Habacker, on behalf
of Felix Rohrbach.
Committed on 28/09/2014 at 21:17.
Pushed by habacker into branch 'master'.

Fix creation of documentation for UML-Components

This fixes two issues connected to the DocWindow.

1. When DocWindow::showDocumentation is called, it checks whether it
is called with the same UMLObject/Scene/... But it missed that
UMLObjects and UMLScenes might be passed to the function embedded in a

2. The overwrite parameter of DocWindow::showDocumentation did the
opposite of what the documentation said. I changed it to match the
documentation and adjusted a few functions using it wrong.
Related: bug 255424
FIXED-IN: 4.14.2
REVIEW: 120369

M  +34   -15   umbrello/docwindow.cpp
M  +2    -2    umbrello/umlscene.cpp
M  +1    -0    umbrello/widgets/associationwidget.cpp
M  +1    -1    umbrello/widgets/notewidget.cpp


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