[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 111672] JJ: "code generation assistant" doesn't dynamically resize and replace the dialog's components

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Fri Apr 25 18:06:29 UTC 2014


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On 2.12.97 the Code Generation Wizard on second step gets re-sized, but I don't
think the spacing added between fields is intended.

The most common behavior on other KDE apps is having the same vertical spacing
between fields so the dialog bottom has an empty area.

Horizontally the spacing between labels ("Indentation type:", for instance) and
fields (the ComboBox, for instance) is unusual too, so there are two
possibilities: add a spacer after the fields (Label: Field [spacer]) or expand
them to their maximum width (with no spacing at all, which is commonly used on
other KDE apps).

What is the intended layout for this window?

Just to be clear, the layout for other windows aren't consistent as well. On
"Umbrello Setup", the "Class" section has a huge spacing between the CheckBoxes
both horizontally and vertically, although the "User Interface" section has the
labels/fields with a fixed vertical spacing (which is way better than the first
solution, IMO). The "General" section has a top expanding spacer above the
first GroupBox ("Miscellaneous").

Should these fixes be considered for this junior job or won't they be fixed at
all - considering this is a 9 years old bug report?

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