[umbrello-devel] [umbrello] [Bug 56184] Support loading of foreign XMI file formats

Oliver Kellogg okellogg at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 21 18:32:05 UTC 2014


--- Comment #66 from Oliver Kellogg <okellogg at users.sourceforge.net> ---
(In reply to comment #64)
> Because http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML_Metadata_Interchange states:
> "... The 2.x versions are radically different from the 1.x series. ..." 
> From inspecting both file formats I think it would be the easiest way to add
> a "14" postfix to recent xmi load/save methods (loadFromXMI(), saveToXMI(),
> load() and save()) [1], to add ...2() methods and while implementing xmi 2.x
> support to see which of the ...14() functions could be reused. Having
> different methods will result into smaller implementations and reduces the
> required testing effort, because testing could be limited to either 1.4 or
> 2.x. 

Sounds reasonable.
So far, while implementing UML2/XMI2 support I am finding very large overlap
with the existing code, i.e. I am reusing about 95% and only writing about 5%
new code.

> [1] I already have a local umbrello branch with the '14" method postfix and
> can merge this into master or push to a dedicated work branch (work/xmi2).

I went straight to master - as I felt that the required changes are
sufficiently light-weight.

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