[umbrello-devel] [PATCH 0/3] Clean up workarounds for non-GCC compilers in kdevcppparser.

Andi Fischer andi.fischer at hispeed.ch
Tue Nov 5 22:32:29 UTC 2013

Am 05.11.2013 15:42, schrieb Raphael Kubo da Costa:
> Raphael Kubo da Costa <rakuco at FreeBSD.org> writes:
>> I couldn't find a kdesdk or umbrello group in git.reviewboard.kde.org so
>> I ended up choosing to use git send-email directly. Please let me know
>> if you prefer the patches to be sent in another way.
>> This patch series is required to properly support clang and libc++, the
>> default stack in recent versions of OS X and FreeBSD (Umbrello is one of
>> the few KDE applications that fails to build out of the box), and also
>> happens to clean up the workarounds introduced to support MSVC and
>> SunPro CC.
>> Patch 1 always uses our version of the _Identity unary function:
>> _Identity is internal to GCC's libstdc++, so always using our
>> implementation is the right thing to do and allows us to remove one
>> #ifdef (that erroneously only covers MSVC).
>> Patch 2 is the most important one, and replaces the existing
>> PositionFilename implementation with a QString typedef. I found it a bit
>> weird that it had not been attempted before; the commit message has a
>> lengthy explanation of why it seems to be the best fix, but I'm all ears
>> for other ways to fix the issue if I missed something in my thought
>> process.
>> Patch 3 cleans up after the changes in patch 2; while in theory it could
>> be squashed into patch 2 itself, I found it cleaner from a
>> maintainability point of view to keep them separate. It is also not
>> strictly required.
>> Cheers!
> Ping?
Looks good for me. Ship it!
Thank you for your patches.



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