[Uml-devel] Gsoc2008 and 2010 status.

Andi Fischer andi.fischer at hispeed.ch
Sat Sep 8 07:01:28 UTC 2012

Am 02.09.2012 23:40, schrieb Tomaz Canabrava:
> Ralph, Thanks.
> it seems that umbrello isn't quite dead as I tougth before. :)
> the initial work that I was going to give to the students after the
> port svn->git was to study the ports from 2008 and 2010, this isn't
> needed anymore from what I can see.
> I would like some direction in directing the students, bugs and stuff
> that they need to do.
> Best regards,
> Tomaz

Hi Tomaz,

There are a lot of things to do.
Here is a list of some points:
- the undo/redo functionality is broken and needs more work
- improve the drawing of all diagrams and bringing them to the standard 
UML 2.1 or higher
- code parsing and importing - can we use the same code as kdevelop?
- cut/copy/paste functionality
- setting graphic options like font, color, brush, line style etc. for a 
single graphic option, for a diagram only,  for all diagrams



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