[Uml-devel] KDE/kdesdk/umbrello/umbrello

Oliver Kellogg okellogg at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 19 00:21:19 UTC 2012

SVN commit 1280794 by okellogg:

AssocRules cleanup:
- Remove unused function
  static bool allowAssociation(Uml::AssociationType, const std::type_info &)
- At function static bool allowAssociation(Uml::AssociationType,
                                           UMLWidget *, UMLWidget *, bool)
  remove the last argument (extendedCheck), and put "#if 0" at the code
  for extendedCheck due to crashes.
- At struct Assoc_Rule, rename member `directional' to `bidirectional'.
  Add test for `bidirectional' in the allowAssociation functions.
- At definition of m_AssocRules[], 
  - remove lines which are redundant due to `bidirectional' being true.
  - at lines for AssociationType::Containment, set `bidirectional' to

BUG: 271243

 M  +66 -49    assocrules.cpp  
 M  +2 -7      assocrules.h  
 M  +5 -5      umlview.cpp  


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