[Uml-devel] First contact

Helder heldercro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 00:52:24 UTC 2012

Hi guys.

I'm Helder. I'm from Brazil and would like to help on Umbrello development.
Last year, I tried to give some help on Calligra/Flow, but I think it is a
huge code for a novice like me so, I stayed very confuse and the final
result was 0.

I've some background using Qt because I use it on university to do some
homework. I ever liked to work in computer graphics and image processing
related stuff.

Well, any information will be useful to me. Of course, if you guys have
someone avaliable to be my mentor on these first steps, I thank you.

Anyway, thanks for all yours attention.

*Helder C. R. de Oliveira
*http://helderc.net <http://www.helderc.net>*
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