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Andi Fischer andi.fischer at hispeed.ch
Tue Aug 30 13:22:09 UTC 2011

Hi Emmanuel,

Here are some wishes and questions.

Wish 1: Please post your plans and ongoing work to the mailing list. Not all developers have the time or the opportunity to follow IRC or reading a blog.
I know, that I have to do it as well. Most of the time in the last years I was the only active developer and I am not used to it, that there are some more helping hands :-)

Question 1: What code editor will you replace?

I know two places where code can be entered in umbrello.

First (see screenshot 1) there is a small text field for source code in the properties dialog for functions.
It has already line numbers and code highlighting according to the selected language.
It is used for entering function bodies which will be written to the output files when code is generated.
I think that it is not worth to replace it with katepart, becausse only a few lines of code should be entered here.

Second (see screenshot 2) when you right click on a class there is the menu point "code viewer" and the code viewer dialog is opened.
It shows the source code that is generated by the code generator of the selected language. It works only when the extended code generation option was set.
This code editor can be replaced with katepart, but it should also be possible to extend the editor. Text entered should be read back into the according text block class.
I know, that this is also not yet working in the current implementation. 

Wish 2: If you still want to replace one or all of the code editors with katepart then make it a user choice  in the settings dialog. 
Use a check box with text like "use katepart for code editors" or something like this. Maybe we have other editors to integrate.



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About the umbrello code editor, forget about it, it will be replaced by katepart.
It is already done with the syntax highlight matching umbrello language, line number and all I could add.
The only thing missing is the approval of the document I am attaching to this email.
Camilla blogged about it a little. Once it is done, I will merge the branch that drop the old code entirely.

Sorry for the time you lost on that, I mostly discuss these thing on IRC.

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