[Uml-devel] [Bug 215865] Crash while undoing with sequence diagram [QUndoStack::undo]

Dario Andres andresbajotierra at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 20:18:36 UTC 2010


--- Comment #7 from Dario Andres <andresbajotierra gmail com>  2010-11-18 21:18:34 ---
[Comment from a bug triager]
>From bug 251200:
- What I was doing when the application crashed:
Using Umbrello on GNU! I created a Sequence diagram and then wanted to remove a
"synchronous message" so I pressed CTRL Z, bu then it knocked off a class (not
sure why because it should have knocked off the synchronous message). So I did
a Redo from the edit menu. Umbrello crashed

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