[Uml-devel] [Bug 209556] Really bad experience with Drag and Drop multiple items

Martin Meitzner martin.meitzner at gmx.net
Thu May 20 20:07:36 UTC 2010


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--- Comment #2 from Martin Meitzner <martin meitzner gmx net>  2010-05-20 22:07:34 ---
Confirmed for Umbrello v2.4.3 on Kubuntu Lucid with KDE 4.4.3.

I cannot group-drag at all. When I select a group and click on an object to
move the group, the selection gets lost and only the clicked object moves. But
with that, other selected texts are moved, the text layout hence destroyed (see
bug #144402 on that).

I also cannot move the whole selection with Alt+Arrowkeys on any other diagram
than the first one, since that switches between the diagrams, regardless of
what Modifier Key the arrow keys are combined with. So it is impossible to move
a group if objects in any other than the first diagram AT ALL. Plus, if you
have more than one diagram, moving with keys does only work to the left, since
the right-key switches diagrams again.

I'm sorry to say this aloud, but Umbrello is quite useless without the ability
to move a group of objects. Sadly this is but one of the many regressions in
the KDE4 variant compared to the KDE3 one, to whose quirks I have somehow
gotten used.

But heads up, good work so far, awsome [idea of a] tool anyway. Please keep up
the work and help us with many fixes soon!

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