[Uml-devel] removed clone() and copyInto()

Eike Krumbacher eike.krumbacher at x-eike.de
Thu May 13 22:00:47 UTC 2010


Today I was wondering, what this clone() and copyInto() might be.

Well, at least
* refactoring/refactoringassistant.cpp and
* dialogs/umloperationdialog.cpp
uses this for some purpose. There are copies of things made with
clone(). The Clones are then used to to change some attribute settings.
The settings are then written back to the original one with copyInto()
and then the clones are deleted. As far as I understand this.

Then I tried to do the same with copy constructor.

+ added a copy constructor at umlobject.cpp and .h
+ removed clone() and copyInto() from where ever I found them
+ made the above code work with copy constructors.
+ tested with actor widgets and class widgets and their respective

Is it really that easy to save 100 or so lines without breaking
functionality? Please check the attached patch if I missed something.

* patch is from /soc-umbrello/umbrello/
* sorry for zipping, but list does not accept large attachments.


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