[Uml-devel] New::LinePath -> Gets support for HeadSymbol

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 15:06:54 UTC 2008

 I am making *horribly slow* progress currently :-(

I just implemented the initial HeadSymbol support for the New::LinePath.
This is completely new approach and I am not sure whether it is correct.
So please test it (helloworld objects appear on new diagram) and give
you feedback.

Also the very first and the last points aren't shown anymore and hence
they aren't clickable.
This is to model New::LinePath on similar lines to that of previous LinePath.

Now I have a doubt. I assumed all the head-symbols appear at the end
of either the start or last line segment of the LinePath.
But then the SubsetSymbol tries to prove me wrong.
So please double confirm whether the SubsetSymbol has to appear in the
center of LinePath or at any end.
Did i leave any other symbol implementation ?

Gopala Krishna A

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