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Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 16:25:48 UTC 2008

Hi Andi,
(cc-ing to uml-devel list as I am hinting the possible changes needed)

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 4:46 PM, Andi Fischer <andi.fischer at hispeed.ch> wrote:
> Hi Gopala,
> You are making big steps toward merging.
> I would like to give you some of my observations and hope that I don't
> destroy your motivation.
> I guess you will fix most of the points very easily ;-)

he he he.. Thanks for the help.
Without identifying mistakes they cannot be corrected after all ;)

> There we go:
> code:
> - renaming of newumlwidget to umlwidget
> - renaming of newumlrectwidget to umlrectwidget

Yes, I am just waiting to port AssociationWidget. After that I will
definitely make the above move.

> in all diagrams:
> - right clicking on an object should select it,
>  otherwise you can right click on a not selected object and change some
> property (e.g. fill color)
>  and then changes the value of the other selected object.
Will fix soon.

> - "use fill color" does not work
Actually I have idea to enhance the way fill option is selected for a
widget. Now since gradients, various brush styles (dotted fill,
hatched fill), ordinary solid fill, No fill (just set the brush type
to Qt::NoBrush) are possible, we have to provide a neat method for the
user to select the fill. This *method* should allow users to select
frequently used fill types easily. And for this we can also use,
qt4.4.1 source code which has nice gradient selection mechanism.

Hence for immediate purpose it is better to probably disable this
option. What do you feel ?

> - right clicking on the background of a diagram should bring up a popup menu
> - nothing happens
Noted. Will fix.

> - when moving an object the connected (association) lines do not follow and
> get disconnected
> - (association) lines cannot be selected and right clicked
AssociationWidget is yet to be ported. I guess a lot of work is needed
for the appropriate port. This is my first priority as of now.

> class diagram:
> - containment symbol: circle is not aligned properly
Yeah, some logic problem i guess. Will fix.

> - added some attributes to a class with the properties dialog (right click),
> class fill color is changing to black
>  (is not easy reproducible, missing repaint?)
This is actually  the dialog bug.
Firstly the dialog applies properties of all pages whether they are
modified or not. It applies an invalid color to the widget.
Secondly, the dialog treats the fill as just a color. Instead it
should treat the fill as a Brush.
Infact this second concept has to be addressed at many other places as
well. For example KConfig should store a brush and not just QColor.

> - right clicking on an object and selecting delete - nothing happens
> - right clicking on note object and selecting clear - nothing happens
> - right clicking on an object and selecting cut - nothing happens

I am also thinking of major changes in this regard as well. The
current cut/copy implementation isn't good. Its should be based on XMI
rather than moving around the pointers.

Also the undo/redo isn't implemented appropriately. Undo commands
should be pushed only in event handlers and not in methods.
Also a convenient way would be to exploit Q_PROPERTY by defining all
the properties of a widget and object (font, linecolor, brush, name
...) with Q_PROPERTY as well. This way we can have one simple command
PropertyChangeCommand which can be used by all the above said properties.

> squence diagram:
> - open a new diagram shows some hello/world objects
Ah!! Thats for MessageWidget testing.. Looks like its working, thought
still constraints needs to be addressed. Will remove it.

> That's all for the moment ;-)
> Thanks,
> Andi

Thanks to you too :) I know I am thinking of a huge mountain to
implement. But if it is not corrected now, they will never get
And yeah, I could be wrong and please correct me if so.

P.S: Will be silent with respect to code for next 4 days as we have
tests in college.

Gopala Krishna A

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