[Uml-devel] KDE4 umbrello (trunk) bugfixes

Danny Beullens dbeullens at tiscalinet.be
Mon May 21 20:50:51 UTC 2007

Dear all,

included are the following bugfixes:

1. Unable to undo creation of a diagram when created from the
umlViewList (i.e. the Views pane). listpopupmenu.cpp (responsible for
construction of the popup menu when rightclicking a folder) now also
makes use of the QActions created in uml.cpp. Now all the tree
mechanisms allowing the creation of a diagram (menu 'diagram->new', the
left corner widget when using tabbed diagrams, and the Views pane) use
the same QAction.

Still todo: cleanup of the QAction pointer members of UMLApp class. The
actions are avialable in actionCollection where they can be retrieved
when necessary (see listpopupmenu.cpp) 

2. When creating use case diagrams, component diagrams, deployment
diagrams or entity relationship diagrams (i.e. diagrams not belonging to
the Logical View), the proposed diagram didn't got appended by a number
to make the name unique. This was due to bug in the
cmd_create<diagram>.cpp file which assigned all diagrams to mt_logical.

3. In the command history, creation of an entity relationship diagram
was listed with the string 'create class diagram' due to a wrong string
in the file cmd_create_entityrelationdiag.cpp

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