[Uml-devel] Issues with Umbrello + pyswarm MDD

Anastasios Hatzis ah at hatzis.de
Thu May 10 14:38:09 UTC 2007


now I have created my reference model PetStore in Umbrello 1.5.5. Nice UML 
tool and this work didn't take much time.

On the modeling level I have found the following issues:

(1) As already posted yesterday: How to tag with-out TaggedValue?

(2) How to specify multiplicity of attributes in classes? (my tool assumes 
default "[0..1]" for attributes if nothing specified. So if no work-around 
Umbrello-user would not be possible to define required attribute values 
with "[1]" in pyswarm apps.

(3) No Stereotype applicable on Dependency. Well, tool could fall back to 

(4) No Dependency supported with Operation on client side. Not important.

I have not verified yet, if these differences are caused by changes in UML 
standard versions (reference model is based on UML 2). And I even don't know 
if the named features I miss are non-compliant to UML anyway.

I think this looks good at the moment. It's just the tags which are required 
to be specified somehow. I already thought about putting them into the 
Comments... what do you think?

Finally one question: It seems like an Umbrello user can only apply one 
stereotype per Class, Package, etc., right?

Since I think that I can work-around the tag-thingy (hopefully in a cleaner 
way than abusing Comment), I will continue with analyzing the resulted XMI 

Best regards,

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