[Uml-devel] Another perl writer patch

Anthony Parent anthony.parent at intel.com
Fri Feb 24 10:28:03 UTC 2006

Sorry for the thrash, the attached tar file contains two patches:

patch1 updates umbrello from the kdesdk-512568 snapshot and includes my previous patch.

patch2 updates umbrello from my previous patch.

This patch adds more functionality in the form of substituting %USE-STATEMENTS% with 
all the needed use statements. This allows you to embed the use statements in your 
heading files instead of having them placed at the end.

Let me know if these patches are of use to people. I have a few other ideas for 
adding functionality to the perl writer that I may look into, but they entail adding 
things to the code generation settings dialog box similar to the C++ stuff. (Right 
now, there are no "Language Options" for perl.

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