[Uml-devel] Win32 port

Ian Wilkinson imjwilkinson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 21:16:09 UTC 2006

I'm new on this list, so forgive me if this has been discussed already.
I'm having server errors when I search the archive.
Is anyone doing a win32 port?  If not I would love to kick this off.  I
know Qt inside out and use it on a daily basis at work.  Presumably a
Win 32 port would consist of removing/replacing the KDE parts of
Umbrello so that it is based on Qt alone (with the possiblity of native
Win32 code if necessary).
Here are my questions:
1.  Is there currently a port of Umbrello to Win32?
2.  What are the KDE libs/classes that are used by Umbrello?  I don't
know much about KDE libs except that they extend and add features to Qt.
What functionalities in particular are required by Umbrello, which
Qt does not provide?
3.  Is there a current ongoing effort to port Umbrello to Qt4 and if so,
would a Win32 port be better targetted to Qt4 rather than Qt3?
4.  Is anyone out there interested in using Umbrello on Windows?
No offence, but I don't want to here about running Umbrello on
Cygwin-compiled KDElibs - that's not really a port.
OK, I think that's it.  I look forward to replies.
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