[Uml-devel] [Bug 109909] New: python code generation missing class attributes, init code.

D. Anthony Robinson anthony at chinstrap.homelinux.net
Sun Jul 31 10:03:55 UTC 2005

Interesting. I was planning on extending the Python code generator, but work 
has kept me from doing fun stuff like that. ;)

Some comments below...

> 1) no class attributes generated. Attributes would be
> Class MyClass:
>    public_attribute =
>    _protected_attribute =
>    __private_attribute =
> default values would most likely be None, unless otherwise specified

This sounds reasonable to me. Unless anyone else really has the itch to fix 
this, I'll start working on it ASAP.

> 3) Class missing...
> if __name__=='__main__':
>    MyClass()
> This is a very common methodology, especially in testing, perhaps another 
> option?

While this is done in many cases, there's plenty of times that it's not 
used. Personally, because the use of the __main__ check is very dependent on 
what you're doing with the class, I'd say leave this to the decision of the 
programmer whether they want it or not.

> 4) Subclasses missing  the init function...
>    def __init__(self, foobar):
>        Super.__init__(self, foobar)
> Again optional but there is a greater than 50% chance I would call the 
> superclass.

Hmmm.... Not sure about this one. Like 3) above, it's kind of dependent on 
exactly what's going on, though it is more likely that you'll need to call 
the superclass. Are there any instances you can think of where either 
calling the superclass constructor would cause undesired effects, or where 
not calling the superclass constructor would cause other problems? If it 
comes to a 'depends on the classes' kind of answer, then I'd be more 
inclined to leave it alone.

D. Anthony Robinson 

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