[Uml-devel] Error message

Paulo Sehn paulo.sehn at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 10:00:42 UTC 2005

I was getting this error message using umbrello :
ERROR: UMLView::isSavedInSeparateFile(class diagram):
listView->findUMLObject(this) returns false

I realised that it was happening because I was using tabbed diagrams
(true), if I don't use tabbed diagrams the error message disappear.
I'm not sure if we can fix this applying this change :

bool UMLView::isSavedInSeparateFile() {
    const QString msgPrefix("UMLView::isSavedInSeparateFile(" +
getName() + "): ");
    UMLListView *listView = UMLApp::app()->getListView();
    UMLListViewItem *lvItem = listView->findItem(m_nID);
    if (lvItem == NULL) {
        // if we are using tabdiagrams, it isn't an error
        if (!getOptionState().generalState.tabdiagrams)
            kdError() << msgPrefix << "listView->findUMLObject(this)
returns false" <<
        return false;

or if it is related to the xmi file format. Where do I find the xmi
file spec used by umbrello ? I saw another error messages during xmi
file loading too and I would like to understand the xmi file a little
bit better.

Paulo Sehn

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