[Uml-devel] [Bug 109318] help does not tell me how to work with java, code generation does not work...

Angelika Schulz angie at nameless-host.de
Wed Jul 20 06:01:37 UTC 2005

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Hello Zeno, 

> On the tab "General" of the wizard's second screen, there
> is a field called "Folders".

I already found that. My folder lies in my home directory under

> After generation, you will find the .java files in the specified
> directory.

I tried it by "Generate All Code" and it worked. Before I had made
the settings with the wizard, but could not generate the code with the
help of the wizard. Now something seems to have happened, though I
really do not know what... The results lie in my folder now... I have tried
it many times before, but any time I just got some java files for byte, int 
, string
and so on. 

My question is: Is it a bug or a feature? ;) 

Angelika Schulz. 

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