[Uml-devel] auto-layout and graphviz

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Fri Jul 15 08:19:25 UTC 2005

Dimitri Ognibene wrote:

>sorry but graphviz has a library, ligraph.so and i think to use it
i stand corrected. i didn't think it had been refactored to a library. 
it'll be interesting to see how well it works for uml layouts.

on the topic of layout... there are a number of publications - 
particularly in the softvis and vissoft conferences on uml-specific 
layout algorithms (i think). i think also in the uml/models conferences. 
a researcher named helen purchase also published a number of papers on 
the aesthetics of uml diagrams, although i can't remember the venue. it 
might be worth investigating whether or not those algorithms can be 
integrated into or adapted to graphviz. if you're interested, i'd start 
by looking at a researcher named stefan? seeman who did a bunch of work 
in the area.

andrew sutton
asutton at cs.kent.edu

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