[Uml-devel] XMI support in Umbrello

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Feb 14 16:24:03 UTC 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 02:41:10PM +0100, Anna Persson wrote:

Thanks for getting in touch.  It would be interesting to see how much
better Umbrello 1.4 manages.

> Questions:
> - What is the main motivation for using XMI as the saving format in 
> Umbrello?

Interchange with other applications is important.  

But also what other file format should we use?  It's just as easy to
use a given standard than invent one yourself and much more useful.

Our old binary file format would be impossible to debug when errors
occur in the way we can with XML files.

> - We are somewhat suprised by the results, both for import and export.
> Do you have any comment to make on XMI support in Umbrello on the basis 
> of the results in our ongoing study?

Oliver rules XMI.

> - Do you have any further comments regarding the results in our ongoing
> study, or your own experience of XMI interchange between tools?

There is effectivly no easy to understand documentation that I've
found.  The specs are very difficult to follow.

Jonathan Riddell

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