[Uml-devel] [Bug 110400] New: crash while importing /usr/local/qt4/src/gui/kernel/qwidget.h

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 08:36:37 UTC 2005

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           Summary: crash while importing
           Product: umbrello
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Debian testing
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: crash
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
        AssignedTo: umbrello-devel.kde.org
        ReportedBy: alan.ezust gmail com

Version:           1.4.89 (using KDE KDE 3.4.1)
Installed from:    Debian testing/unstable Packages
OS:                Linux

I tried importing qt4's qwidget.h into umbrello.
I know it's big and has lots of other includes, so it's tough to figure out exactly what is causing the crash, but I thought I'd attach the backtrace for now and if I can narrow it down, I will attach something else.

[ezust lazarus] /home/ezust> cat umbrello-dump.txt
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/tls/libthread_db.so.1".
`system-supplied DSO at 0xffffe000' has disappeared; keeping its symbols.
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread -1231142784 (LWP 18363)]
[KCrash handler]
#3  0xb73c3f1e in QGList::QGList () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#4  0x0823c914 in CppTree2Uml::parseTemplateDeclaration (this=0xbfffcc50,
    ast=0x88d2558) at qptrlist.h:69
#5  0x0824a56c in TreeParser::parseDeclaration (this=0xbfffcc50,
    declaration=0x88d2558) at tree_parser.cpp:77
#6  0x0824a483 in TreeParser::parseTranslationUnit (this=0xbfffcc50,
    translationUnit=0x8645cb0) at qptrlist.h:174
#7  0x0823b8d8 in CppTree2Uml::parseTranslationUnit (this=0xbfffcc50, ast=0x4c)
    at cpptree2uml.cpp:57
#8  0x08126aef in ClassImport::feedTheModel (this=0x847bab8, fileName=
      {static null = {static null = <same as static member of an already seen type>, d = 0x83eb070, static shared_null = 0x83eb070}, d = 0x8617a90, static shared_null = 0x83eb070}) at classimport.cpp:335
#9  0x0812728d in ClassImport::importCPP (this=0x847bab8, headerFileList=
        {<QValueList<QString>> = {sh = 0x86fcea0}, <No data fields>})
    at classimport.cpp:381
#10 0x08193988 in UMLApp::slotImportClasses (this=0x84762b8) at qshared.h:49
#11 0x08194c2d in UMLApp::qt_invoke (this=0x84762b8, _id=114, _o=0xbfffd040)
    at uml.moc:290
#12 0xb710c71c in QObject::activate_signal () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#13 0xb710c544 in QObject::activate_signal () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#14 0xb79dc89b in KAction::activated () from /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.4
#15 0xb79dc00a in KAction::slotActivated () from /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.4
#16 0xb79dc139 in KAction::slotPopupActivated () from /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.4
#17 0xb79dcb91 in KAction::qt_invoke () from /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.4
#18 0xb710c71c in QObject::activate_signal () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#19 0xb744b62a in QSignal::signal () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#20 0xb712691d in QSignal::activate () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#21 0xb72140d9 in QPopupMenu::mouseReleaseEvent () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#22 0xb79ca0d1 in KPopupMenu::mouseReleaseEvent () from /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.4
#23 0xb7142b37 in QWidget::event () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#24 0xb70afe1f in QApplication::internalNotify () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#25 0xb70af514 in QApplication::notify () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#26 0xb76ffac5 in KApplication::notify () from /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.4
#27 0xb70441a1 in QETWidget::translateMouseEvent () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#28 0xb704223e in QApplication::x11ProcessEvent () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#29 0xb7059254 in QEventLoop::processEvents () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#30 0xb70c21d8 in QEventLoop::enterLoop () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#31 0xb70c2088 in QEventLoop::exec () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#32 0xb70b0071 in QApplication::exec () from /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#33 0x08166064 in main (argc=76, argv=0x4c) at main.cpp:113

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