[Uml-devel] [Bug 90206] umbrello does not handles drag & drop at the virtual folders correctly

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri gsbarbieri at yahoo.com.br
Mon Sep 27 22:47:16 UTC 2004

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 --- Jonathan Riddell <jr jriddell org> escreveu: 
> Can you give an example of when it copies an item?

It's not always reprodutible, some times it copies, other it moves (as

The procedure is always the same: drag the item to be moved, go up to
the folder and drop item there. My folders are at the top.

I noticed (but it may be false) that when I wait for the list to scroll
and forget to stop it when the folder is visible, that is, I was
holding the item at the top, so the listview scrolls up and I miss to
take it of the top, so the list stops scrolling, the folder is now at
bottom, I need to do the reverse process and wait for the list to
scroll down so the folder is visible again, the problem is more easy to
   Maybe I wasn't clear enough, let me know (I'm not native english



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