[Uml-devel] (forw) Modelling a database using Umbrello

P. Fleury fleury at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Sep 7 00:37:03 UTC 2004

 From pages like 
http://www.techonline.com/community/tech_topic/uml/20722 and 
http://www.agiledata.org/essays/umlDataModelingProfile.html it seems 
that one could use it to a reasonable extend for DB modeling.
I had tried that a while ago, and Umbrello lacks stereotypes for 
attributes in classes, so that one could mark some attributes as PK or 
FK. also, in some cases, multiple associations between two classes are 
not possible in Umbrello, but may be needed  in DB modeling.

But I don't think Umbrello is so far off being very useful for DB modeling.


Jonathan Riddell wrote:

>On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 05:33:07PM +0200, Sebastian Stein wrote:
>>I'd like to create and maintain a database model of a relation
>>database using a linuxbased tool. I'd like to model tables and
>>create relations between tables using primary keys, foreign keys
>>etc. and eventually press the "generate" button to create the
>>Umbrello seems to have almost everything necessary. I've been
>>experimenting with it but can not bend it quite to my needs. I've
>>googled and searched your mailarchives but not found anything
>>obvious regarding Umbrello and db models. Do you have any info,
>>comments, links or suggestions regarding this that you could share
>>with me?
>Umbrello is a UML tool and UML is object orientated, databases are
>relational.  They are very different data models.  There is a wishlist
>item for relational support in Umbrello but it's not likely to happen
>very soon.
>However we have an SQL code generator which generates database table
>SQL from class diagrams but I'm not sure of the rules it follows.
>Jonathan Riddell
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