[Uml-devel] Re: Have you ever heard of Umbrello?

Arjan Molenaar arjanmolenaar at hetnet.nl
Mon Sep 6 00:34:17 UTC 2004

Sebastian Stein wrote:

> On http://gaphor.sourceforge.net/index.php your are stating:
> "First of all there are no real UML development tools under Linux, except
> for some written in Java. Those Java tools however focus to much on the
> code, not on the design aspect of UML."

You are absolutely right. I just used by old homepage text (which has 
been there for quite a while).

> This is not true. There is Umbrello, which is shipped with KDE since KDE
> 3.2. Umbrello is written in C++ and it does not mainly focus on code.
> So be honest and change the text!

Will do so.

Thanks for noting.



> Sebastian

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