[Uml-devel] some kdetestscripts fixes

Peeter Russak pezz at tkwcy.ee
Sun Oct 31 03:55:51 UTC 2004


I've lost my ssh key, so please anyone else commit attached patch. It 
contains fixes for cases found by kdetestscripts isempty and listend. I 
think I'll play more with these scripts when I'll get some more free time.

# Name: Empty char* comparison
# Description: Finds usage where a QString is compared to "" where using 
.isEmpty() should be used because it is much faster.
# ToResolve: Change code to use string.isEmpty()  In the event that it 
is a std::string change to empty()

# Name: .end() call in for loop
# Description: When iteratoring through a list the value of end() should 
be cached to avoid the unnecessary creation of the  temporary variable. 
See: <a 
# ToResolve: Create temporary variable (preferably const) outside of for 
loop to compare against.


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