[Uml-devel] patch for bug no. 74249

Tobias Wulff Tobias-Wulff at codeeye.de
Mon Oct 18 06:40:12 UTC 2004

i've done a little patch for bug no. 74249 
"suboptimal tab order in dialog Parameter Properties"

since i don't have write access to cvs (i want to do more patches and 
improvements in the future if i have the time for it), here's the diff for 
>       // set tab order
>       setTabOrder(m_pKind, m_pTypeCB);
>       setTabOrder(m_pTypeCB, m_pNameLE);
>       setTabOrder(m_pNameLE, m_pInitialLE);
>       setTabOrder(m_pInitialLE, m_pStereoTypeLE);
>       setTabOrder(m_pStereoTypeLE, m_pIn);
>       setTabOrder(m_pIn, m_pDoc);

i don't if this is the best way to change the tab order because i didn't find 
any occurrences of "setTabOrder" in the umbrello code ... but it works :)
With best regards

Tobias Wulff
Tobias-Wulff at codeeye.de

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