[Uml-devel] Duplicate-patch

Raymond Bosman bosman at hetnet.nl
Wed Mar 31 17:24:09 UTC 2004


Since I want to help the open source community a bit more, I devoted some time 
to Umbrello. Currently I am quite new in KDE and Qt development :-(. But I'm 
willing to learn. 

To understand the whole Umbrello architecture, I chose the 'Duplicate' feature 
(bug# 57664) from the bug-list, and tried to implement this. It took me more 
days than expected, but finding a good solution was very addictive. (Results 
that I postphoned some work.)

Hereby I send you a patch that can be applied to the current CVS. Although 
better solutions are possible.

I hope you can apply this patch,

Raymond Bosman

PS. I didn't update the bug database. 

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