[Uml-devel] Methods/attributes hiding...

Pietro Mele pietromele at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 08:23:00 UTC 2004


A suggestion about methods and attributes:

a class can have many of them, and they don't have all the same
importance. It should be possible to make just some of them visible.

It is useful for the following reasons:

- You can import a cass from the source code, but you may want to 
  view just part of it (e.g. the most important part).

- You can use the same class in different diagrams, and in 
  each diagram you may want to show different details.

- Other programs already do it.

It should not be a hard task: just add a flag to each attribute/method
for each diagram.


Pietro Mele
pietromele at yahoo.com

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